Care and advice

Heads2gether provide a support helpline on 0800 0234 550 but other sources of care support are listed below.
Other specific care information is available via the drop-down menu above.

Your General Practitioner (GP)
Your GP will be kept informed of your progress by your Hospital and Community teams. If you have any concerns, your GP is easily accessible and will be able to address your general queries.

Hospital Head and Neck Team
Once you have been diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer, a team within the hospital will oversee your care and follow up. The team are there to answer you any questions that you may have relating to your cancer. The team will usually include a Speech Therapist, Dietician and Clinical Nurse Specialist, as well as your Consultant and his/her team. They are all there to support you and will be happy to answer your questions as best they can.

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Most People who have been affected by Head and Neck Cancer will have access to a head & neck Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Hospital where they have received treatment. These Nurses are experienced in the specialty and work as part of the Health Care team. They can offer increased levels of information, support and guidance to patients who have cancer of the head and neck. If you are unsure whether you have a Specialist Nurse, please ask the Medical Team providing your care.

Cancer Information Centres
Macmillan Cancer Support have information centres across the UK and can offer support and advice. You can telephone them on 0808 808 2020 to find your local centre.

Maggies Centres
Maggie’s helps anyone affected by cancer. At Maggie’s you can talk to and get support from a range of professionals. Find your nearest Maggies at