The Nottingham Group meets on the first Wednesday of each month at The Maggie’s Centre, Near Gate 3 at the City Hospital site, Nottingham from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.

Dates for 2021:

4 August1 September
6 October3 November
1 December

Patients, family and friends are very welcome. It’s a chance to chat with others who have travelled a similar treatment path as you, share your experiences and possibly pick up some tips to make life just that little bit easier. If you need further information, call our free phone help line on 0800 0234 550.

In light of the ongoing Covid issues, we need to follow some rules to ensure everyone’s protection and safety when attending our meetings.

  1. Attendees will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid 19 – i.e. two jabs.
  2. We will ask you to wear face covering, a mask or visor.
  3. We will continue with social distancing rules.

Regretfully, anyone with lymphoma will not be able to attend
as their resistance to Covid 19 is compromised.