About Us

When cancer enters your life, nothing will ever be the same again. Issues that used to seem so important, now seem trivial. Survival becomes the focus of your life. Fortunately, with advances in cancer treatment and the excellence of medical teams, the likelihood of being cured is improving all the time.

Your medical team will explain the procedures to be performed and the possible after-effects but it is only patients who have already made the journey who can tell you what it feels like and how they coped. This is where Heads2gether can help. Established in 2006, Heads2gether have helped many patients to make the journey from diagnosis, through treatment and on to recovery and most are now leading normal fulfilled lives again. They will tell you that the cancer journey is not an easy one, but that you can make it.

We can provide support on a one-to-one basis via trained supporters – all previous patients – who can respond to your questions and give you realistic expectations. They can tell you how they got through the difficult periods and give information and advice from a patient’s perspective.

We also encourage those that have finished their treatment to get together and share their experiences, think about recovery and discuss the practical, emotional and everyday challenges that follow Head and Neck Cancer treatment. You will also have, as part of the group, the opportunity to ask members of your medical team questions about recovery.

Support is available not only to patients but also to their carers, relatives and friends.

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