Supporting head and neck cancer patients and their care-givers.

We provide peer support for patients and their care-givers for cancers of the mouth, nose, throat, ear, neck and face. We are not able to support patients with brain-related cancers. Suggested organisations to try for this support are Brain Tumour Action, The Brain Tumour Charity and Brainstrust.

Local meetings

Heads2gether run monthly face-to-face meetings, in Oxford, Swindon, Southampton
and a face-to-face meeting every other month in Henley-on-Thames. News on our next meeting in Sutton will will follow soon. 

Virtual meetings

Since March 2020 we have been hosting virtual meetings using Zoom. These have proved to be very successful and we will be continuing with these for as long as there is the demand.
We host virtual meetings every month on:
the third Monday at 18.30.
If you have not already registered with us for our virtual meetings and would like to participate,
please register HERE.
Useful Zoom information is available HERE.

Next online meetings:
April 15, 2024
May 20, 2024

Comments from attendees:

I am so glad I found out about this organisation the medical profession should be highlighting it to all new patients.

   The facilitator did an excellent job making sure everyone had the opportunity to speak. The timings were perfect.

   Realising we are not alone (me as a carer and my husband) that it is ok to be really tired, ok to sometimes feel brain dead.

   A major point was to learn how others coped, how some felt after an operation, how others felt after radiology etc.

   This ‘course’ has reaffirmed that I am going in the right direction and that other people are there to support me through the rest of my journey.

   Fairly happy with my thinking at the moment. Good to see people in the same boat though, it's not always easy talking to people who haven't had the experience.

   The session was sensibly structured and made good use of time available. Involving medical team staff gave people the chance to ask questions and raise issues not necessarily possible in the clinic setting.

   As I do not know anyone who has had cancer of the head or neck I felt very isolated from people I know as they did not understand the problems of eating, drinking and swallowing that the treatment can cause, I can now talk about the issues I have with people with similar problems and get more positive help.

   “It was so good to offload different worries that you have and to have questions answered”.   “My husband (who is the one who has had cancer) is more relaxed about the progress he’s making”.   “The openness and a safe environment helped me speak openly and candidly.”   “I feel much more at ease about the thought of talking to friends, family and work colleagues about my Cancer journey I am even more motivated to find a way going forward to help others in the future that find themselves in a similar situation.”   “It is nice to talk with people that understand the sense of achievement in being able to do simple things that were taken for granted before treatment.”    “Lovely people who give a good insight to how you feel. Lots of positive feedback and everyone was so understanding”.